Mrs. Lisa Becker


My name is Lisa Serpe-Becker (Mrs.Becker). I am a Reading Teacher (grades 2-5 ) and Reading Interventionist at Grewenow Elementary. I have been at Grewenow for 10 years and with the KUSD District 1 for 14 years. I earned my  WI. Teacher License (2002)  and  316 Reading Teacher License (2014).  I am a proud mother of two, Hunter 19 and Kaitlyn 16. My husband Dan is a  Kenosha businessman and basketball coach. I have 4 cats ( 2 of my own and 2 fosters). I volunteer at Kindred Kitties -a no -kill animal shelter, Crossroads Kids-Brass Elementary  and United Way Tutoring  Summer Program – McKinley. My hobbies are reading, visiting the beach, gardening, decorating inside and out and dining with my family /friends.

I private tutor at my  home office in the summer -reading fluency, comprehension and writing workshops. Teaching is my passion. I can’t imagine working in any other field. At Grewenow, I teach reading fluency, phonics, comprehension  and writing  strategies / skills.  My goal is to  facilitate and support students  to feel successful and happy,  guiding them to reach upward and  maintain  grade level expectancy or higher.  My hope is to help each student feel happy, comfortable  and safe . After that, we make learning fun. We use visuals and hands on activities, paired with our Leveled Literacy Intervention  resources and books, to learn the skills and strategies needed to be  a successful reader and writer. I look forward to this new 2017-18 school year . Reach high, do your very best and never give up!