Mrs. Lori Vogel


My name is Lori Vogel and I am a School Psychologist.  You may be wondering what a School Psychologist is and why Grewenow would need a School Psychologist?


My job is to help students succeed academically, socially, behaviorally and emotionally.  I can’t do this alone, so I work closely with teachers, support staff, parents, community agencies, and most importantly students to help create a learning environment that is safe, healthy and supportive. To do this, I complete assessments, classroom observations, and consult with staff and parents when needed.  I often tell students that I am a detective and that together we will hunt for clues, identify problems, and come up with ways to help them succeed!

To be a School Psychologist I attended college for six and a half years!  After earning a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse, I continued my education in their School Psychology Graduate program, where I obtained a Master of Science degree and Specialist Certificate in School Psychology (30 additional graduate credits).

In addition to my formal education I believe that my personal life and experiences have also contributed to my ability to do my job well.  This is my 29th year working for Kenosha Unified.  My husband Tom and I have been married for 26 years and we have four children:  Tyler (23), Jay (21), Alyssa (14) and Aidan (14).  I enjoy spending time with my family and have many interests and hobbies including: hiking, walking, taking pictures, learning, rock tumbling, reading, canoeing, soccer and hockey.