Ms. Jennifer Marvin

The 2017-18 school year marks my 19th year at Grewenow, and I’m excited to be back for orchestra this year.  I received my Bachelor of Arts from Carthage College in Instrumental Music Education, Vocal Music Education and Piano Pedagogy.  I also received a Master of Music Education degree in String Pedagogy from Vandercook College of Music. I love being part of the KUSD Orchestra program!  This is a school district and community that supports the arts and greatly values music education.  As a  music educator I have the privilege of building relationships with my students over many years, not only seeing them grow as musicians, but seeing them grow as people as well.

I truly believe that what I do is about so much more than teaching students how to play notes on a page.  Thru music I am able to teach students not only the technical skills of how to play their instruments, but also how to open their minds and their hearts to the power of the music which can allow them to feel and help process emotions, stir their imagination and soothe their soul.  As musicians my students learn the skills of determination, perseverance, responsibility, goal setting, dealing with disappointment and motivation to succeed.  As a part of the ensemble students learn the skills of teamwork, respect, encouragement and  mentoring.  I know that not every student I teach will become a music teacher or a concert violinist, but I do hope they will be life long performers of music for fun, relaxation and community.  I absolutely know that  they all will be life long consumers of music and I believe we are developing skills that they will use throughout their life.  They might play  in a community orchestra or a pops band or sing in their church choir.  They could be parents advocating for a music education for their own children,  They will continue listening to music of all kinds,  Whether that is through streaming apps like pandora, purchasing songs on Itunes or attending concerts.  I know that I am helping my students not only to develop skills that will allow them to be well educated and informed music consumers, supporters and performers, but even more importantly, thru that music education I am  helping to develop well rounded citizens.